School gardens have sprung into action

The 2018 Garden Group has been busy at Shapleigh this spring. We’re planting seeds for the year but also setting roots that will endure for years to come.

To get a jump on spring, we started peas and greens in our outdoor beds and dozens of trays of seeds in the greenhouse. The weather has been fairly cooperative, but the local birds ate our pea seeds! Gardening is always an adventure.

At our after-school meeting this Tuesday, the garden leadership group built a new raised bed! Everyone had a hand in the construction, and the outcome is a sturdy 3 foot by ten foot bed. Stay tuned for pictures of the planted bed!

Over at Traip, the plants are growing strong in their unheated greenhouse. Garlic has sprouted outside. And students are carefully tending new plants for the garden and the on-site plant sale, May 19th.



Gorgeous greens provide abundant harvest from Tower Garden

Everyone who sees it is blown away by how quickly the Tower Garden has grown! We’ve had 2 big harvests in two weeks, and the greens are traveling about 10 yards to the school kitchen. Talk about local!

“Tower Garden” grows food year ’round at Shapleigh


Shapleigh School has a new way to grow food for the salad bar. We are proud to be the new home to a “Tower Garden.” This vertical plant-growing tower is a simple yet high-tech system to grow plants without soil. Using water mixed with nutrients, the tower pumps this mixture which then rains down on the plants’ roots, growing food more quickly than regular gardening.

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Shapleigh School Garden Prepares for a New Season of Growth

As Spring approaches on the calendar, it’s time to start thinking about the school garden. Permission slips to join the after-school garden group are now up in the school cafeteria. Meetings will be held every Tuesday beginning April 4 (skipping April vacation week) and ending June 13. Please have your student’s permission slip returned to their homeroom teacher or Mrs. Casciotti by Friday, March 31st.

Potato Harvest at Greenlaw Gardens

On Wesnesday, September 10, the Shapleigh School Green Team returned to Greenlaw Gardens, a Kittery family farm, to finish a project they started three months ago. Last June, a group of Green Teamers gathered at the nearby farm to plant a row of potatoes. The group was planting potatoes to be served up in Kittery schools’ cafeterias.

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